Jaeger-LeCoultre was born near Geneva in 1833 by the founder Antoine LeCoultre (1801-1881). Born to a blacksmith father, Antonie decides to embark on the path of watchmaking, for which he had a passion, moving to Geneva in 1825 to undertake the watchmaking school. Interrupted from school for health reasons, he embarks on the path of music boxes with his father. From the beginning the company took the name of “Le Coultre & C.”, but in 1903, Antonie Edmond Jaeger’s stepfather asked his nephew to be able to collaborate in the manufacture of movements designed by him. Thus was born the Jaeger Le Coultre, whose name was registered only in 1937. In 1844 he invented and patented an instrument capable of measuring micrometers, becoming an indispensable and standard instrument for more than half a century. In 1851 he won the gold medal at the Universal Exhibition in London.

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